A great time is had by everybody as camping season begins, but it’s always a good idea to follow a few simple recommendations, especially those that will keep you dry while out in the great outdoors. Even though camping is typically done in the summer months, being chilly and damp can ruin a camping trip. In spite of this, there are a few camping techniques that you should be aware of to keep you and your belongings dry throughout your camping excursions.

Seam sealers

Remember to apply seam sealer to the tents every year. New sealer is easy to get; you should use a lot of it on your first camping trip and seal all of the seams back up.

Another easy but critical camping tip is to place a cloth or ground sheet beneath your tent and to tuck up the edges so that rain water does not accumulate on the sheet and subsequently enter your tent. This will help you experience dry camping. Together with the sealer, the ground sheet will keep you dry at all times.

In the event of a rainfall, it’s a good idea to keep your belongings and sleeping bag away from the walls of your tent. Another helpful camping tip is to remember to take off your wet clothes and shoes before entering your tent after being out in the rain and storing them in a corner of your tent or even at the front of your tent.

You should also bring ponchos and other rain gear with you on your camping vacation in case of an unexpected downpour. However, many campers fail to follow this simple advice and have less-than-satisfactory camping experiences as a result.

If you’ve never camped in a tent before, you might be amazed at how easy it is to have a great time. Tent camping has its share of annoyances, but there are a few that may be avoided with a little forethought.

As long as you follow these easy camping rules, you should be able to enjoy your camping trip regardless of how rainy and miserable the weather is outside your tent.